Kenji’s Artist Statement

Painting is a deeply rooted soulful experience to be shared. I am a self taught artist and although my journey has taken many turns, I have never forsaken my calling. I feel connected to my truth when designing my paintings and the energy fulfills my definiteness of purpose. I’m constantly seeing visions and having inspirations for my art. I love presenting my work and feeling my spiritual gift being appreciated. My aspiration as an artist is creating images that astound the viewer and integrates their interpretation in my art.  

My Japanese and African American heritage gives me a wellspring of history to bring to the fore. My paintings are developed by using different mediums.  My original  hand beaded art is a rare imagery and collectors are amazed at the detail involved. This work  allows me to experience a deep sense of quiet and patience. I love selecting all types of beads from different countries. I use two toothpicks to place the beads in swirling designs that evolve organically, giving my painting another dimension. It reminds me of my grandfather teaching me to use chop sticks.

My art is inspired by encouraging words from the late legendary artist Ernie Barnes, who told me he too was self taught and to keep improving my techniques, study, and take a bold approach to my work. My joy comes from sharing my work with the viewer and appreciating the brilliance of color and construction in each painting.  I also have great joy teaching art to students throughout the Central Coast.