Trilogy is only one of the many heart wrenching paintings Kenji has been
inspired to write poetry on.  She has always had a gift of words and now
her book entitled "Let Color Inspire Your Life" will be available for your viewing and 
and collecting enjoyment in 2008.

This book will touch your soul as you embody the meaningful and spiritual words Kenji
hears in her dreams.  She has written this book being at peace in the mountains
and on the beaches in Monterey, California. 
Also, in the deep forests in Big Sur and Yosimite National Park.

Her Great life experiences, travel and her deep understanding and
compassion for the earth and people, now pour out of her heart and
upon the the art work she's given to the world.     

These Masterpieces will have greater life for you and your loved ones.
You will feel her love and another layer of life will be added to the colors
in each piece of Art you view.

Kenji always says "Let Color Inspire Your Life!" Now, your life will be more inspired. 

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Thank you and many blessings always!